What can you see on the horizon?

The Evening

Why do the white gulls call?


Across the sea a pale moon rises, the ships have come to carry you home.


And all will turn to silver glass.


A light on the water grey ships pass into the west.
《Into The West, The Lord Of The Ring》

That's what echoing on my mind as I reviewed these pictures.

Leica CM
Fujifilm X-tra 400

I found considerable numbers of pictures in Matsu are neither published nor on file yesterday. Even I cannot find the CD contained two roll scanned black and white films shot by CM.

Sterben werd' ich, um zu leben!

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  • sjbox1201
  • 看~~~~偶當兵的時候還沒開始玩相機,那時候連大哥大都不能帶,不然偶拍的肯定比你多~~~~~
  • 說哪,真要說的話,咱在陸軍裝甲第五八六旅裡,能拍的不會比您少吧,而且大門憲兵是不檢咱的哪,可惜咱拿的是F601,挺大台的,太招搖了

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